Study Abroad Program

Study Abroad Program

At American Intercon School, we offer our general education programs with the integration of English language from Pre-kindergarten, computer skills from grade 2 and many other necessary programs.

Our standard is widely recognized and commended by the Department and the Ministry of Education and many institutions around the world. With our insight of the global needs, we strongly believe that these programs will greatly benefit our students and give them more opportunity to pursue their study abroad.

Our Curriculum

Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten

Our Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten programs (2-5 year-old) are the most important fundamental programs for children to prepare for their school. Starting school at an early age, children will rapidly develop their physical, mental, emotional, moral and linguistic ability in accordance with the surroundings and social trends. We offer various programs in order to facilitate their rapid growth as follows.

  • The first Khmer-American curriculum in the Kingdom of Cambodia
  • Accredited by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport
  • A wide-range of teaching methods is used to improve intelligence, thinking, morality, language and physical growth of the children
  • Playing, listening, speaking, reading, observing, communicative and imitative activities are carried out with great attention in a cozy and cheerful environment
  • Our goal is to equip students with good morality and general knowledge in both Khmer and English.

Study from Monday to Friday

  • Morning: 8:00 am – 10:30 am
  • Afternoon: 14:00pm – 16:30 pm
Pre-writing Song
Drawing Life Skills
Storytelling Pre-mathematics
Pre-mathematics game Building
Physical education English
Audiovisual Observation
Pre-writing game Body hygiene
Oral hygiene Sports
Dance And other fun educational activities

Elementary School

In the world of globalization where technological knowledge and universally communicative language are becoming undeniable requirement for future generations, we have integrated English language and computer program into our elementary curriculum from Pre-Kindergarten and Grade 2 respectively. Additionally, many other educational programs such as field trip, study tour, sport, drawing, music, dance and other featured events have also been included to fully develop students in every aspect and help them to pleasantly enjoy their academic journey.

  • With our interesting curricula, American Intercon School is the first to introduce Khmer-American curriculum in the Kingdom of Cambodia
  • Our focus is to infuse fundamental knowledge together with child friendly program
  • With great professionalism, extensive teaching methods, and resourceful materials, our experienced teachers are specialist in helping our students cope with their life skills easily
  • Our classroom and playground equipped with modern facility enable students to enjoy their learning in the most cheerful and safe environment
  • We have counseling and health care services to give any necessary support to our students
  • Our modern facilities provides abundant support to our quality¸ discipline¸ and services
  • We inspire our students to achieve the academic result they aspire, make creative use of what they have learnt, and live their lives with dignity and integrity.

Study from Monday to Saturday

  • Morning (7:00 am - 11:00 am )
  • Afternoon (13:00 pm - 17:00 pm)

Subjects to study

Khmer Literature English
Sociology Computer
Library Mathematics
Experiment Practical Science
Audiovisual Traffic Law

Extra curriculums


Physical education Football
Basketball Soccer
Volleybal Karate
Swimming Tennis

Life Skill

Home Economics Music
Drawing Dance

Junior High School

Junior High is a time for teenagers to equip themselves with new knowledge and skills as to prepare them for the changes they are going to face in the near future. In order to facilitate their development and shape their attitude towards living harmoniously among each other, a well-organized curriculum as follow has been created.

To achieve all of these is not easy; however, we believe we have all it takes to get it done.

  • Through our first Khmer-American curriculum in the Kingdom of Cambodia, American Intercon School has exceptionally increased our potential and reputation nationwide.
  • Our quality, discipline, and services in general education are nationally recognized by all academic communities.
  • We aim to fulfill all necessary requirements for every stage of students' development including physical health and appearance, intelligence, mentality, thinking, and morality.
  • The school has also included special programs such as experiment, study tour, and research through a wide range of resources available at our library and online.
  • 21st century skills including English, computer, communication and universal knowledge are all here for students to acquire.
  • We put our utmost efforts to educate our students to become good children, good students, good friends, and good citizens as stated in the four pillars of education for sustainable development, learning to know, learning to do, learning to be, and learning to live together harmoniously.

Subjects to study

Khmer Literature Chemistry
Geography Morality and Civics
Mathematics Biology
History English
Physics Earth Science

Extra curriculums

Optional programs: Sport

Karate Tennis
Soccer Volleyball
Basketball Table-tennis
Swimming Physical Education

Optional programs: Life Skill

Computer Music

High School (grade 10-12)

Aim to provide a pre-university course for high school students to successfully select the best-fit college they desire; we give them our utmost support through different means.

  • Promote and encourage learner autonomy through doing research and innovation under the support of a wide range of resources available in our library and modern technological facilities
  • Boost students' courage, confidence, and independency through participation in diverse competitions and social events
  • Provide students with authentic and practical knowledge in both sciences and social sciences to pass their high school exit exam with flying colors and gain required ability to pursue their favorite major at a highly qualified university
  • Inspire students to keep polishing themselves and become remarkable people who not only are capable of working but also possess great morals and ethics to act responsibly in the society.

Subjects to study

Khmer Literature English
Mathematics Geography
Morality and Civics Chemistry
History Earth Science
Experiment Physics
Biology Economics

Extra curriculums

Optional programs: Sport

Karate Tennis
Soccer Volleyball
Basketball Table Tennis
Swimming Physical Education
Other sports  

Optional programs: Life Skill

Computer Music
Dance Drawing
Home Economics  

The above mentioned additional programs are designed to help children adjust to their stages of physical and mental development and adapt themselves with the changing environment. Through these programs, children could improve not only their hard skills but also the soft skills so as to be ready for their upcoming challenges in the future.

Nov 03, 2022